True beauty comes from within. Our products help to cleanse and purify from the inside out.


Our goal is to keep you radiant and youthful for longer. To keep you shining bright.


In today's hectic world, it can be a challenge to stay balanced. We are here to recharge you.


Our products are always ethically sourced and thoughtfully crafted with you in mind.

Our products

Ozemi strikes the perfect interfusion between lifestyle, beauty and spirituality. Springing from the heart of Harlem, and drawing on afro-latino heritage, Ozemi creates space for stillness, wellness and gratitude. Each product is thoughtfully crafted with care for the individual and the environment.

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Our rituals

Ozemi is for the seeker, the healer, the giver, and for those looking to become more present to themselves and the universe. Our products are not only formulated with thoughtful precision for your skin, but our hope is Ozemi beauty rituals bring stillness, wellness and gratitude to your life.

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