Ozemi strikes the perfect interfusion between lifestyle, beauty and spirituality. Springing from the heart of Harlem, and drawing on Afro-Latino heritage, Ozemi creates space for stillness, wellness and gratitude. Each product is thoughtfully crafted with care for the individual and the environment. We believe Ozemi Beauty rituals foster a healing mindset, producing a naturally powerful position toward self care and stress relief. 

Rubén, the founder of Ozemi Beauty, was born in San José de las Matas, Dominican Republic where he was surround by loving family and a culture of spiritual healing.  After moving to New York City, Ruben saw a gap in the beauty brands market for afro-latino skin. The roots of his idea started with his own heritage, but his heart and brand branch out to include all skin types and colors. 

Ozemi is for the seeker, the healer, the giver, and for those looking to become more present to themselves and the universe. Our products are not only formulated with thoughtful precision for your skin, but our hope is Ozemi beauty rituals bring stillness, wellness and gratitude to your life.